She Hath Wings

Princess Mozella

Today my little princess has a birthday. When indulging in pretend play, she often calls herself “Princess Mozella”. She is only a few years old and yet she has achieved a lot in a short space of time and is growing every day. Today we hosted a little afternoon tea with a couple of gamesContinue reading “Princess Mozella”

Ode To One Who Cares

Your reassuring hand on my shoulder, Your empathetic eyes; A rare gem who cares more than many in the field, Clear-thinking and wise. Never-judging- always positive , Declaring the distance I’ve come; You make the mountains shrink away And affirm all the hope that’s begun. You’re a calming influence ; Your humour disarming- As wellContinue reading “Ode To One Who Cares”

A Little Howdy!

Dear Readers, It has been quite some time since I wrote anything and published it on this site. I haven’t forgotten about writing. In fact, I am on the brink of trying something new. I am going to learn some skills to help me try my hand at writing a children’s book. For many yearsContinue reading “A Little Howdy!”

Farewelling My Father

Just a few short months on and I am now crying, not tears of anticipation, but of farewell. I watched my dear father pass away – that very spiritual moment when his soul left his body and went to be with the Lord, almost 2 weeks ago. This week we will celebrate his life andContinue reading “Farewelling My Father”

Your only job is to be yourself

I am reblogging this post because in a few short lines, it brilliantly says so much. I particularly like the part about the lighthouse.


You are indelible- Years since we spoke; Yet I miss you so deeply. Bitterness dissipated; I would see you again. I can slip into yesterday Like an old school dress; Ill-fitting, faded- Yet comforting; Short reveries from An unrepeatable time. You decided not to grow old With your loyal chum; How you stabbed my heart,Continue reading “Indelible”

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